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Find TIG Welders for DIY and Professional Applications

Bond sheet metal, tubing and more with a powerful TIG welder. From machines strictly for TIG welding to versatile models that include multiple inputs for different tools, Sears has welders for joining metal components together quickly and easily. Before getting started, stand the machine securely on the floor or workbench. Non-slip legs prevent shifting during use while shielding the bottom from debris. After cutting out metal pieces with a plasma cutter, create durable joints during construction and assembly using a TIG welder.

You can use TIG welders for a wide variety of applications in your home, shop or garage. Apply heat with the powerful torch to quickly melt wire electrodes when bonding metal. In the garage, use arc welding techniques to join two pieces together for auto body work, stainless exhaust and frame fabrication. Keep both hands free while adjusting the heat input by using the included foot control.

TIG welding machines from Sears include valuable features for convenience and portability. Use the exterior dial to adjust amperage and control values. Keep track of your adjustments by glancing at the easy-to-read display. Durable casing made from powder-coated metal and impact-resistant plastic will protect the machinery during transport. Create strong, high quality welds with a new TIG welder and welding accessories.