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Use Welding Tools to Tackle Tough Home Improvments

Working with metal is a noisy, hot job that requires special equipment. Plasma cutters make precise cuts in tough materials while arc welders create smooth, strong joins. Accessories such as clamps and wire brushes ensure that everything comes out right the first time. With quality welding tools from Sears, you'll always have the power that you need to complete any welding project.

Soldering tools such as soldering guns from Craftsman are perfect for small repair jobs. Handheld soldering irons offer complete control and let you fix broken household items with ease. Invest in tip sets for special projects such as working with electronics, or let your creative side out with wood burning tips and kits. Soldering stations give you a place to store your iron or gun and often include a cleaner to keep your tools in top condition. Full soldering kits come complete with both tools and accessories so that you can start work on those small repairs right away.

Welding projects large and small require more than just the welder itself. That's why we stock a variety of welding accessories to help you with all of your welding jobs. Wheeled carts hold welders of all kinds so that you can move around your workshop with ease. Keeping extra torches, electrodes and cutting tips on hand let you quickly switch or replace parts as needed. Plastic and metal welding rods are available from brands like Firepower to meet all your welding needs. Don't forget a set of clamps to hold your work in place as you weld and ensure smooth, clean joins. Keep everything close at hand in your workshop so that you have your tools right where you need them every time you're ready to work.

Whatever type of welder you work with, it's essential to wear safety gear. Welding helmets protect your face from flying sparks. Tinted facial shields dim the bright light generated during the welding process. Brands such as Metal Man offer helmets with auto-darkening panels so that you can keep the facial shield in place during your entire welding job. This improves safety by ensuring that your face and eyes are always protected. You can go with a basic black helmet or invest in one with an eye-catching design such as flames or American flags for a touch of style in an otherwise utilitarian piece. Goggles are also available for eye protection when working on smaller projects, but a helmet is your best bet for maximum safety.

When you put together a reliable set of tools, you'll always have what you need for every home improvement project. From small repairs to big building jobs, it pays to invest in good, quality equipment. Shop Sears for trusted brands in tools, accessories and more, and start your collection today.