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Keep a Workshop Tidy with a Dust Collector from Sears

With a dust collector installed in a workshop or garage, you can just flip a switch and clean off a workbench or the cutting area of a table saw or jointer. Small handheld vacuums can keep a small surface free of sawdust and wood shavings, but a full dust collection system from Sears removes dirt and debris to keep a whole workshop clean. Just mount or rest the main disposal container in the corner and empty it out when it fills up with the byproducts of all of your handiwork.

With dust collection parts and accessories, you can expand the reach of a dust collector using a new hose. Some parts allow you to convert to a different size of hose or attachment to clean up bigger messes. If you want to keep a specific spot in your workshop clean, there are even attachments that can mount a vacuum hose right to a table saw or other power tool. That means the most commonly used areas in your shop can be cleaned with just the flip of a switch.

Leave the carpet vacuum in the house and save the wet-dry vacuum for liquid spill. Installing a dust collection system in your work area will keep the workshop clean. Find dependable dust collectors at Sears.