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Ventilate the Workshop with High Velocity Floor Fans

Floor blowers can not only help circulate air in a stuffy work environment where there may be potentially hazardous chemicals, but they can also dry spills faster, reducing the risk of injury. Floor drying fans are available in a wide range of sizes at Sears, giving you options that are suitable for any workspace. Small 8-inch circular fans can be quickly angled and pointed where they're needed, while big box fans and industrial blowers can run nonstop to keep a larger workshop clean and dry.

Wall-mount fans and large floor drying fans help to keep a workshop cool in the dead of summer, letting you focus on work or a craft project without building up too much of a sweat. Install one in a window to keep a steady stream of fresh air flowing into the shop or garage while blowing out any heat generated by your tools. After you've applied paint to an old appliance or stained a new piece of furniture, open the shop windows and use your high-velocity floor fan to disperse hazardous fumes and help to dry the project more quickly.

Keeping your shop clean means more than just organizing your equipment in a tool chest combo. Make your work environment more comfortable and functional with a new floor fan from Sears.