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Wet Dry Vacs

Experience the Suctioning Power of Wet-Dry Vacs

Wet-dry vacs come in handy for all sorts of jobs, such as removing standing water from a leaky tub or piles of dust from a woodworking project. Sears carries a huge inventory of name brand wet-dry vacuums and extra attachments to improve your machine's functionality. For larger household and commercial jobs, a Craftsman 20-gallon wet-dry vac features a 6.5-horsepower motor that picks up dirt and debris with ease. Smaller 2.5-gallon Shop-Vac models works best for removing puddles of water from the floor or debris from beneath the car seats.

When it comes to interior cleaning, which vacuum works best for you? You have the choice between upright and canister vacuums, sticks and handhelds and even floor cleaners and central vacuums. If you want extreme portability, then consider a Craftsman or Dyson handheld or stick vacuum. It works well for smaller carpeted surfaces and upholstery, and upright vacuums work best for larger rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting. Choose between bagged and bagless canister vacuums, or invest in a central vacuum system that runs quietly and uses cyclonic technology to remove more dirt from your carpet.

When cleaning your carpets or bare floors, you may need to invest in stain removers and other cleaning supplies to get the job done. To remove pet stains from your carpet, use Bissell pet stain and odor cleaner before vacuuming. Use Swiffer Max cloths to sweep away dust and dirt from your bare floors. As you clean the floor, dust particles may lift into the air and land on your counters and hard surfaces. Use Clorox all-purpose cleaners and Lysol disinfecting wipes to remove the dust and kill additional germs and bacteria.

Tile, wood and carpet rip and tear over time, so you may have to perform DIY work around the house. Before you start any remodeling project, you need proper flooring tools such as tile cutters and rollers. If you install new carpet, use a Roberts carpet trimmer to cut the carpet into place. A roller helps you smooth out any bumps as you lay the carpet over the floor. Use a knee kicker to push the carpet flush against the wall, and use the stair tool to press the carpet into the edges. You can also find hundreds of designer tiling and wood flooring to install from the Sears inventory.

For standing water and large piles of dust and debris, use wet-dry vacs to remove the mess quickly and easily. You can also use the wet-dry vac in place of a standard upright vacuum. Just attach a carpet nozzle to the hose, and clean your carpet and rugs. Shop Sears for the most complete selection of name brand wet-dry vacuums and cleaning supplies for your home and business.