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Rusted Fasteners are no Match for a Box Wrench Set

Box wrenches are an essential part of any toolkit. They have the strength and torque to turn many common types of fasteners. An impact wrench is great for your home workshop or garage, but when the job takes you to hard to reach areas, a compact box wrench set allows for greater accessibility. The offset ends can make space for comfortable hand clearance, while the stainless steel finish resists rusting to keep each wrench looking and working great for years to come. Even tricky precision turns are easier when you've got an angle wrench set at your disposal.

Sears has wrench sets for completing a wide variety of home and automotive tasks. A five-piece ratcheting wrench set is specially designed for reaching the most stubborn bolt. The reversing lever can be toggled with a flick of the thumb, while the 25-degree offset lets you maximize torque from awkward angles. For jobs big and small, a 12-piece box end wrench set contains a range of sizes from 6mm to 28mm. It's ideal for automotive maintenance, but versatile enough for home plumbing or furniture repair as well.

From screwdrivers and hammers to pliers and sockets, Sears has a wide assortment of hand tools to keep you working. Get a grip on any fastener with a durable box wrench set.