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Complete your Toolbox with a Combination Wrench Set from Sears

Whether you're working on the jobsite, repairing a lawn mower in the garage or replacing pipes in the bathroom, you should have a set of combination wrenches on hand to tackle a variety of situations. Multi-piece, combo wrench sets from Sears help cut down on the weight in a toolbox by giving you a different tool on either end by featuring an open or closed wrench. Just toss a couple wrenches into a tool belt before getting to work, so you're prepared to quickly loosen nuts and bolts in metric or standard sizes.

Combo wrenches are built from high-quality metals and are designed for rigorous use. The open ends are reinforced to give a tighter grip and let you power through stubborn or corroded bolts with just a bit of elbow grease. These long-lasting wrenches are more than simply useful tools, they're a smart investment to be passed down to the next generation alongside a family toolbox. These devices also make a great gift. Give your kids a high-quality set from Craftsman, so they can work on their first car or apartment easily.

Invest in a versatile combo wrench set for your toolkit. With the proper combination wrenches, you'll be ready for any home improvement work or professional repair job.