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Expand your Toolkit with Crowfoot Wrenches

Professional craftsmen and mechanics know that having the right tool for the job is half the battle. A selection of crowfoot wrenches are one of those specialty tools than can make all of the difference when working in a cramped space. Simply insert the extension attachment on your torque wrench into the opening on the crowfoot wrench head. This versatile wrench is small enough to go anywhere, and you can always make a power turn even when your don't have a clear line of sight.

Sears carries a wide selection of crowfoot wrenches for home or automotive use. Keep a 10-piece metric crowfoot wrench set in your portable toolbox for easy access on the jobsite. The high-polish chrome ensures lasting performance, while the flare nut design offers a good grip on aluminum, copper or brass fittings. A pneumatic crowfoot wrench features many common sizes for automotive application. The included carrying case makes it easy to organize, store and protect your tools.

From screwdrivers to hammers to power tools, Sears has all the equipment you need to complete a variety of tasks around the house or job site. Hard-to-reach nuts and bolts aren't a problem with a collection of durable and versatile crowfoot wrenches.