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Tighten Fasteners Easily with a Flare Nut Wrench from Sears

Flare nut wrenches can tighten soft metal fasteners with less risk of damaging the pieces. These tools are strong enough to handle daily wear and tear in the auto shop, but precise enough to twist delicate brass flare nuts without stripping the metal. Choose between single wrenches for a specific home repairs or flare nut wrench sets for extra versatility in your toolbox.

A few new flare nut wrenches can make many common auto repairs easier. Pick up a standard flare nut wrench set from Sears to tighten the bolts under the hood of a car. The long and thin design helps reach bolts in tricky spaces without slippage. A ratcheting-style flare nut design combines the efficiency of a rachet with the control of a flare nut model. Quickly tighten or loosen bolts with a twist of the wrist without fear of stripping soft metals.

When a single wrench doesn't work for a complex project, a complete flare nut wrench set will come in handy for multiple tasks. Whether working on a bike or fridge, these complete kits provide the tools you need at your workbench. Grab a small wrench to tighten the brake line on a worn mountain bike or fix household appliances with a few turns from a heavy-duty ratchet wrench. Complete projects around the shop or the house easily with new flare nut wrenches from Sears.