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Expand your Toolkit with Open Stock Wrenches

There are few experiences more frustrating than reaching into a toolbox to find that you're missing the size and style of wrench that you need to finish a project, especially when you're only halfway finished. Instead of risking a stripped nut or bolt, find the exact size of individual wrench you need to finish the job right. Complement and expand your current adjustable wrench sets for even more versatility, or just replace missing pieces with open stock wrenches from Sears.

Whether you're a professional mechanic, craftsman or just like to take care of home repair and automotive projects yourself, a comprehensive wrench set is an essential addition to your toolbox. When you encounter a job that calls for an uncommon size, or one of your most-used wrenches winds up missing or lost, don't bother replacing the whole set. With individual wrenches ranging from torque to combination to open-end to ratcheting wrenches and more, you can find the piece you need to get back to work.

Don't come back empty-handed when you reach into the toolbox for a ⅜-inch crescent wrench or a mid-size adjustable pipe wrench. Have the right tool for the job by supplementing your collection with open stock wrenches from Sears.