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Keep a Ratchet Wrench Set Handy for Home Repairs

Make repairs around the house simpler with new ratchet wrenches. These efficient tools make it easy to quickly switch between jobs by incorporating a standard wrench head as well as a ratcheting box end. Tune up a bicycle that's been in storage for the winter with the open end and loosen stubborn, rusted automotive fasteners with the ratcheting box end. Sizes range from 1/2-inch to 3/8-inch to 7/16-inch and beyond. Many models also feature a 5-degree arc, making it possible to apply more torque. Complete your home tool collection by adding ratcheting wrenches from Sears to your existing wrench set.

With a new ratchet wrench set, you can rest assured that you'll be able to loosen a variety of common bolt shapes and sizes. Whether you're fixing a furnace or performing some quick repairs under the hood, you can rely on a set of ratchet wrenches to handle tight bolts both large and small. For even more versatility, apply a bit wrench set to time-consuming electronic and electrical repairs. Bit wrenches featuring offset and reverse offset angles, powerful ratcheting action and screwdriver heads can make short work of tedious projects.

For nuts located in particularly tricky places, forego pliers and opt for a flexible ratchet wrench featuring a hinged box end. Complete your next repair project yourself with reliable ratchet wrenches from Sears.