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Tackle Plumbing and Automotive Projects with an Adjustable Strap Wrench

Making repairs to the pipes in your bathroom or kitchen can be a time-consuming process, especially if you don't have the right tools at your disposal. Sears has strap wrenches that are uniquely designed for working in wet, slippery conditions. Instead of struggling to get a reliable grip using a conventional adjustable wrench while repairing a leak, simply wrap the belt of a strap wrench around pipes and fasteners and get to work. The scratch-resistant belt can be used on modern PVC piping as well as old, rusty pipes in the cellar.

When confronting particularly stubborn fittings, consider using a chain wrench for additional power. The next time you pop the hood of your car to change the oil, be prepared to loosen stuck oil filters and slimy filter caps with a chain wrench. The durable metal teeth dig into the surface of the material, giving you the extra leverage you need to pry the components apart.

Instead of struggling to clasp a pipe wrench onto a fastener that's irregularly shaped or just too big, reach into your bag for a versatile strap wrench. Strap wrenches and chain wrenches are lightweight, easy to use and feature ergonomic handles for your comfort. Gear up for tough automotive and home repair projects with a new strap wrench from Sears.