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Make Difficult Repairs Simpler with a Torque Wrench and new Torque Wrench Accessories

From assembling machinery to maintaining heavy-duty equipment to performing automotive repairs, torque wrenches simplify a wide variety of tasks that require large amounts of torque. Sears has torque multipliers that make it easier to generate high levels of torque when an impact gun or air compressor isn't available. If your project calls for a specific torque to be applied to a bolt or fastener, use a torque tester to prevent damaging the threading or the integrity of the mechanism. Whether you need to limit or exceed a certain amount of force, the right torque wrench accessories can make your current equipment even more versatile.

While ratchets can be very helpful when it comes to assembling new pieces of furniture or taking apart old appliances, you'll need a torque wrench to handle particularly difficult bolts. Next time you're loosening components on a broken-down lawn mower to repair or replace the blades, use a torque wrench multiplier to apply the force you need. You won't have to lug a compressor out to the backyard or plug in any equipment after untangling enough extension cords.

Fine tune the amount of torque you're applying or gain more power in tight spaces where extra leverage isn't an option by keeping versatile torque wrench accessories from Sears in your tool box.