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Tackle Home Repairs, Automotive Projects and more with New Wrenches from Sears

Get ready to take projects around the house and in the workshop into your own hands with new wrenches for your tool collection. Every home toolbox should have at least one adjustable wrench model for managing basic repairs to appliances and sports equipment. Durable materials like forged alloy steel will stand up to demanding projects for years to come. Use the adjustable worm screw to expand or contract the jaws and you'll be ready to tighten or loosen fasteners of various sizes with ease.

Going beyond Standard Wrench Sets

Experienced craftsmen and homeowners alike will appreciate the versatility of a comprehensive wrench set from Sears. Instead of modifying your adjustable wrench for a project that requires multiple sizes, simply select the appropriate ratcheting, flare nut, angle, box or combination wrenches from the case and get to work. When there's a plumbing project on the calendar, pipe and strap wrenches are specially designed to securely grip pipes or other less conventionally shaped objects.
For projects that require more precision, torque and crowfoot wrenches allow for accurate torque application. If your collection of wrenches and wrench accessories is overflowing, consider upgrading your tool storage options to keep each piece organized. Work more efficiently with the best wrenches from Sears.