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Find the right wrench at Sears

From replacing a plumbing fixture to tightening a bolt on an engine, you need the right wrench for any job. Sears carries thousands of individual wrenches and complete wrench sets in an assortment of sizes and materials from all the top brands. With a well-stocked tool box, you'll be able to handle any task put in front of you.

When it comes to specific jobs, you can find wrenches to help you complete them. Torque wrenches, strap wrenches and pipe wrenches let you get the perfect amount of force without overtightening. Without the right wrench for the job, you risk stripping the bolts and damaging your work in progress. Ratcheting wrenches are perfect for getting jobs done quickly. Many will often feature a standard crescent wrench end in combination with the ratchet, effectively doubling the number of wrenches you have.

Once you have the wrenches you need, you'll need to keep them organized. Sears carries a number of specific organizers to help you keep your wrench sets in one place. They can be hung on the wall or placed in a tray that can slide into a drawer. Customize your wrench storage to fit your working style as well as your workshop layout. Get all the wrenches you need to complete any job.