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Collectible figurines provide worlds of fun

When it comes to bonding with your kids, collectible figurines help you play and invent worlds of fun together. Look for an eclectic mix of figurines, action figures and accessories decorated with images from movies, anime and other fun pastimes. You can also decorate your home with memories of your favorite cultural icons and collectible toys. Round out your collection of Star Wars or Star Trek memorabilia or find the perfect action figure to give as a gift. You're sure to find collectibles that you want or need at Sears.

If you're an avid comic book or movie fan, you surely want to collect figurines of your favorite characters. At Sears, you'll find all the best sci-fi and fantasy collectible figurines to show your support for the franchise. action figure characters come in all shapes and sizes, from just a few inches tall to upwards of a foot or two in height.

Many of our collectible figurines available are designed to be moved, posed or even worn. Sears offers military action figures based on real-life soldiers as well as fantasy and sci-fi warriors. You and your kids can set up mock battles with your military collectible figurines, complete with weapons and other accessories. You can also explore our selection of collectible figures like angels, animals and sports, which can be arranged tastefully around your home for decorative value.

Your collectible figurines may need places to live and environments to occupy. Sears offers action figure playsets with exciting features to recreate worlds from the X-Men, Ninja Turtles and more. Create ever-more-complex worlds with your kids or give your man cave a bit of geek cred. These colorful, creatively designed toys have a long-lasting shelf life, and many believe that collectibles from popular franchises are good investments as well as fun reminders of childhood.

You'll love adding to a collection of action figures from your favorite movie, game or anime franchise or introducing your children to the characters of your childhood. Whether you're looking for a specific figurine or you just want a variety of collectible figurines, you can build your collection with toys from Sears.