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Celebrate your favorite wrestlers with WWE action figures

WWE action figures bring the magic of the wrestling ring home to the toy box. Sears has an expansive selection of WWE figurines, ranging from classic icons to modern superstars, so fans can recreate their favorite matchups or conjure up totally new head-to-head battles. Treat the wrestling fan in your life to exciting new sports figures, playsets and accessories.

WWE action figures are crafted with an incredible eye for detail. From the costumes to the accessories, each toy is a spot-on replica of the biggest stars in wrestling. Kids will have a blast maneuvering the articulating limbs to recreate a variety of menacing poses. While WWE fans will love pitting famous wrestlers against one another, they can also set up epic battles between movie, TV and comic figures.

Lifelike playsets and accessories can add extra realism to any brawl in the squared circle. Fans can recreate their favorite fights using a variety of sets that range from replicas of classic arenas to crash cages. When the action starts heating up, the durable plastic designs can handle the high-flying antics and rough-and-tumble brawling. Customize the set with accessories, such as ladders, table sets and commentator's booths. If the match gets too intense, kids can call for reinforcements from rescue action figures. Get a ringside view of thrilling entertainment with new WWE action figures from Sears.