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Boost imagination and inspire creativity with action figures

The perfect toy has the ability to spark your child's creativity at any age. Whether it's soldiers fighting on the battlefield or superheroes tackling crime in the big city, your kids will love using their imagination with our variety of action figures. Our assortment of figurines allows your child to create a new world inside of their bedroom or out on the town with you. You'll delight in watching them play and maybe even join in on the fun too.

Sears offers a range of pop culture action figures from your son's favorite movies, television shows and video games. Our selection of sports and military figurines let your little boy put an exciting spin on the life of well-known figures. Girls can join in on the fun of action figures too! Sears presents an assortment of girls toys, like baby dolls and Barbies. Action figures and girls toys can be played with together to teach your children cooperation.

Boys and girls alike cherish their figurines as companions. Children adore having their new friend help with indoor activities such as solving puzzles or running errands with Mom and Dad. Your child will enjoy bringing their figurine on play dates to meet their pal's favorite toys. Carryall bags or backpacks can be great accessories for toting a beloved action figure where ever your child goes. Kids can learn companionship and social skills by interacting with their dolls in different locations.

Your children will delight in a unique setting for their action figure. Toy trains let kids create a Wild West scene or a simple quiet day at the station, while young hobbyists adore building their train set with figurines providing a conductor and passengers. City sets allow your child to put their toys in a realistic setting and play superhero. In addition, doll houses are great for girls to imagine a family scene and practice real life skills for the future. Our doll houses and toy sets can be passed on to future generations as a classic heirloom.

Enhance your little one's imagination with an action figure from Sears. These timeless toys provide hours of entertainment and a valuable learning experience for your child. Boys and girls will savor their moments with their favorite figurines for years to come. No matter what your child is interested in, you can find the action figure and accessories that they desire at Sears.