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Get the kids creating with pottery

Kids are naturally curious and creative. Why not indulge their imaginations by supplying them with drawing toys sure to provide limitless entertainment? You'll need more than just paper. We're here to provide all the tools a child needs to create that next masterpiece. Markers, crayons and colored pencils add a rainbow of color to any piece of artwork, whether he's drawing a fire-breathing dragon or she's coloring in her favorite activity book. Large sets of coloring tools are great for families, classrooms or groups. We have drawing toys for all ages, from the smallest hands that need fat crayons to nimble fingers that have been at the art game for years. Rulers, sketch pads and crayon caddies make it easy for kids to create pictures they're proud of. The pride they'll feel when you hang their latest creation on the refrigerator for everyone to see is a priceless gift.

Just because fiber arts have been around since ancient times doesn't mean they can't get a modern update perfect for kids. The do-it-yourself movement is for all ages, and kids are some of the best DIY types. Knitting and crochet increase a child's dexterity while they create. We carry yarn in all colors and various textures. Smooth yarn fibers are great for making hats or doll blankets while fun fur is perfect for adding fuzzy trim to any accessory. With the trimming, buttons and ribbons Sears offers, adding flair to any project is a breeze. Don't forget knitting needles or crochet hooks. If you and your child don't know where to start, we have plenty of books and kits that teach you the basics and provide a variety of project ideas.

Adults who love playing with paper aren't the only ones who can enjoy creating lasting memories with scrapbooks. Now the younger set can also get creative with toy scrapbooking kits made just for their little fingers. What better way to remember a trip to an amusement park or what they did over the summer? Decorative tags, borders, and stamp sets are just the beginning. We also carry albums, Cricut cartridges and paper in a range of colors and textures. Think of how much fun you'll have creating with your child on a summer afternoon or snowy winter morning. Making your own scrapbooks is a wonderful way to relive memories and spend quality time together. Design albums that forever remind you of Christmas, birthdays and other occasions you never want to forget.

A child's imagination is an unlimited thing. Put creative tools in kids' hands and prepare to be amazed by what they come up with. Sears provides a wealth of kid-friendly options that work for you and your child. Whether it's drawing, pottery or paper crafts, little hands have a variety of ways to fully express their creativity.