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Spark Kids' Imaginations with Fun Toy Craft Kits

Kids love doing crafts. Toy craft kits allow them to dabble in everything from making friendship bracelets to knitting small accessories. Safe and fun, these kits are made to exercise creativity and get imaginations going. With the selection available at Sears, you'll never run out of fun, innovative ways to entertain your kids.

Providing your child with drawing toys lets their imaginations run wild. When kids are allowed this freedom of expression, they can create anything that comes to mind. Familiar brands such as Crayola, Prima and Melissa & Doug put artistic tools in the hands of children of all ages. Crayons and paper are a simple and classic way for any child to draw dozens of pictures. Colored pencils give older kids a medium for more complex art. Markers make bold, colorful lines and come in many tip sizes for drawing, outlining and more. If your aspiring artist is into painting, set him or her up with a kid-sized easel that holds paper, paints and accessories all in one handy unit. Giving artistic kids their own supplies makes them feel special and lets them know that you appreciate their talents.

Some kids prefer fiber arts over drawing. Sewing, knitting, crocheting and embroidery are all great ways for kids to branch out creatively. Fiber arts create tangible results, which can be beneficial for kids whose personalities drive them to be constantly working on something. Channeling that energy into constructive pursuits keeps kids occupied and shows them how hard work can pay off with beautiful results. Let your kids experiment with simple sewing patterns, cross-stitch kits or embroidery floss to learn basic needlework techniques, or let them add flair to their favorite clothing with patches and buttons. Introduce them to the joys of knitting with a kid-sized set of knitting needles and some machine-washable yarn from a brand like Red Heart. Learning to read patterns and follow directions when doing crafts helps kids in all areas of life by strengthening critical thinking skills and giving them a visual setting in which to learn how to solve problems as they arise.

Older kids can use artistic paint brushes and acrylic or tempera paints to create more sophisticated works of art. Brushes of various sizes give them control over the shape and thickness of the lines that they create. Bold colors make for vibrant finished products that you can display proudly on the refrigerator or wall. Watercolor paints and pencils give softer, more fluid results. Many paints intended for kids are washable, so you don't have to worry about struggling with cleanup when your young artist is done creating for the day.

It's important for kids to spend time in creative play. Crafts give all kids a chance to use their imaginations while expanding their abilities. From scrapbooking to sand art, kits and tools made just for kids provide hours of fun. Check out what Sears has to offer to make your child's next playtime fun and constructive.