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Find the perfect artistic paint brushes at Sears

Whether your next art masterpiece is a painting of the ocean or it's an accent wall in the family room, Sears has all the painting supplies you need to get the job done. Unlike a kitchen renovation or bathroom makeover, redoing a room with paint is simple, quick and affordable. We have the right paints, stains and accessories to help you get a professional finish. Using painter's tape makes the job neat and tidy while ladders in various sizes and styles provide a stable base whether you're painting crown molding or exterior shutters. Spray paint is great for large areas that don't require precision work, but we offer a wide selection of brushes perfect for big or small spaces. Rollers and roller trays make fast work of painting a wall; add decorative touches with our wallpaper borders and appliques. Now any room of your home can be the serene oasis or sports-themed hideaway you've always wanted.

Maybe you spent hours with coloring books as a kid. Maybe you still enjoy this quiet and creative pastime along with your own children. Sears has a variety of options to satisfy the inner artist in all of us. Kids can draw and color with sets featuring their favorite Disney characters and superheroes. Crayola products like crayons, markers and chalk will keep the kids happy and entertained, but they shouldn't have all the fun. Release your own creativity with art supplies made for grown-up hands like pigment ink pens and calligraphy sets. If it's been years since you lost yourself in such creative pursuits, isn't it time you picked up a paintbrush, pencil or marker again? Shop our art supplies individually or in packs that are perfect for families and groups.

Give your young artist room to paint and create with kids' easels just right for their size. Now your budding Picasso can stand at an easel that fits their height. They can draw or paint on giant sheets of paper or a chalkboard. A three-in-one easel allows them to use various mediums like chalk, felt and dry erase markers. Kids can have twice the fun with a sibling or friend by standing at a two-sided easel that lets each child peek around and check out the other one's artwork. Portable, tabletop easels are just the ticket for small spaces or traveling. If creating on an easel is just too much fun to leave to the kids, Sears has easels for adults, too. Either set up your sketchpad or use magnetic versions that make teaching easy.

Paint has so many uses, from being an artist's medium to a quick and inexpensive way to brighten a room. We make sure you have all the supplies you need for home improvement painting that gives your house a fresh, new look. We also provide toys and tools for fun projects designed to fill an afternoon. Keep the kids and yourself creatively busy with help from Sears.