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Teach creative skills with arts and crafts

Teach children creativity and much more through our variety of clever and easy arts and crafts. They can learn many essential skills while having fun making beautiful artwork, crafts and toys. Our toy sets and hobby kits are geared to inspire creativity, and our kits are easy to understand and work with. We also carry craft and art supplies, papers and drawing and painting accessories, so you can fully stock their art desk or play area with the right art materials. Crayola always has durable and safe products, including non-toxic washable paints and markers. Start with simple paint and brush sets for beginners or get professional-quality brushes and painting accessories for seasoned artists. We have hundreds of choices to get young minds thinking about creative arts and crafts.

Our supply of artistic supplies extends to bigger projects, such as painting the interior or exterior of a home. We have paint strippers to use prior to a major paint job or renewal of furniture. It is important to strip off old paint, not only to give the new coat a firm foundation, but also to allow the new paint to do its job right so your finished product looks like new. Use Goo Gone or a solvent like Xylol to prepare surfaces properly for new paints and finishes. Paint thinners can also be used with rubber cement and mastics. If you need solvents, strippers, wire brushes or any other products to remove old paint in preparation for new, we can help you find what is needed.

Our vast collection of painting supplies includes smaller products for arts and crafts and larger quantity sizes you might need to paint the garage, a basement or home interior. We have small and delicate artistic painting supplies, brushes, papers and craft kits for children or adults, and we carry brand-name paints and painting supplies to use during remodeling or building projects. Besides having a full assortment of brushes, we stock rollers, paint trays, drop cloths, ladders and anything else that you could possibly need for a major paint job. Need a portable cart to hold your paints and brushes? Sears has it, and we can deliver to your home or business location. We take art work and general or commercial painting seriously. Our inventory includes the little accessories that make a difference, such as edgers, corner brushes and paint tray liners. We have the big supplies too, like ladders, tapes and wall borders. Decide what you wish to paint and then select the painting supplies and accessories you need to do that job right; we can help you find all the materials you need for arts and crafts or large paint jobs.

Make our store your first choice whenever you need painting supplies for arts and crafts or for bigger jobs like painting your house, garage or office. We carry a variety of painting supplies and accessories for every type of paint job. Place your order and come to any of our stores for pick up or have the supplies delivered directly to you.