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Let your child build their own structures with toy building sets

Toy building sets are one of the most effective early toys that you can give to your child and the educational and entertainment value can last into the early tween years. Building blocks and similar items help a child to harness creativity, develop fine motor skills and hone logic-based abilities. Before your child can write or tie his or her shoes, he or she will be able grasp and benefit from building toys. Sears offers one of the most diverse collections of such toys anywhere and has the shapes, colors and themes perfect for your child.

Sets range from beginner levels to complex and appropriate for advanced learners seeking a challenge. For the youngest builders, you'll find sets that are easy to build and disassemble and some can even function as cool party games. Divide a group of kids into two teams and see who completes the set faster. For older children, you'll find sophisticated architectural and mechanical sets that greatly expand their understanding of physics.

Basic toy blocks come in a wide range of themes, including animals and letters and numbers, which enable the parent to teach while the child has fun stacking. Ask your child to put them in order when learning the alphabet or to count. Not all building sets are block based. Once your child builds their structure, let them knock it down like a set of dominoes. Kids will have fun with their toy building sets, knocking them down and building them up again.

While toys like baby ride-on toys let kids use their imagination and build their muscle, many of the building block sets from Sears also serve a dual purpose. Each construction toy set includes a concept that the child must achieve by following instructions or the parent's guidance. However, each building set also adds to the child's personal block collection, which he or she can use to build anything imaginable. In fact, some sets are coveted simply because they provide an unusual building piece that simply isn't replicated elsewhere.

The building toys available at Sears are loads of fun and scratch a collector's itch while providing a platform for creativity. Choose a set today, and enjoy quality time as you help your child achieve something tangible. Choose another set tomorrow, and watch in wonder at what happens when your child is presented with the infinite possibilities of those combined sets.