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Play pretend in style with an interactive doll

An interactive doll can be your child's new best friend. These captivating toys are embellished with sparkling outfits, gorgeous hair and colorful accessories that will dazzle. Some models even sing and light up. Whether she picks a lavish princess or an adorable baby doll, your child will share wonderful memories with her new toy from Sears. Together, they can go on exciting adventures as a dynamic duo.

Interactive dolls have magical outfits and features that enchant. Bendable limbs make it easy to change outfits and pose the doll for adorable photographs. They can read children's books together while sitting on the couch. When it's time for a fashion show, kids can choose cute outfits to coordinate with a princess sidekick. Creative ensembles give your child's doll a uniquely personal style.

Kids will also love styling a doll's flowing locks into cute coifs. Your kids and their friends can practice their French braid technique or pin on a few hair accessories for a glamorous touch. If her doll needs a new look, then simply brush out the styles to create a blank canvas once again. Children of all ages will love spending time with an interactive doll from Sears.