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Test your silver-screen knowledge with movie games

Watching movies and TV is a great deal of fun, but playing TV and movie games can be even better. They're interactive and made more for groups. Some movie games are made for hardcore film buffs, but most of these games are accessible to everyone. In fact, the majority of the games can be learned within moments, and many of them are so straightforward that they're even suitable for kids or as drinking games too.

The movie and TV games available at Sears run the gamut of genres and themes. You'll discover sports games, romances, thrillers, comedy, action and even horror. You will also find games that cross and mesh genres and some that deal with a specific film or franchise. The collection also has games for kids, based on movies by companies like Pixar, DreamWorks and Disney. There really is something for everyone, including your hard-to-please teens and tweens.

This selection of games also includes a full range of gaming formats and a style for your particular occasion. The latest games are disc- and digital-based and unfold via your Blu-ray, DVD or media player. The classic games include card, dice, puzzle and board games. The collection at Sears also has intense, complex strategy games, such as the games in the Call of Cthulhu horror series or the Strat-O-Matic sports series.

Not all the TV and movie games in the collection require a group, and many of the most popular games work just fine and even excel as single-player experiences. Some strong options for solo play include solitaire, trivia and word games. Many of the genre-themed strategy games by Bbelly are cooperative, which means that you can play them alone or with a large group. The collection also includes a number of jigsaw puzzles made from famous movie posters and iconic film scenes.

Sears offers one of the largest and richest game libraries around, and it consistently refreshes that collection with games based on the latest movies and TV shows. You'll be amazed at how much fun family night can be when you're not just watching yet another movie. Start building your movie and TV-themed game library today. Then be sure to check back on a regular basis for the latest and greatest gaming additions.