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Musical Instruments & Toys

Encourage little ones to create beautiful music with new kids' instruments

Kids' instruments can help little ones explore a love of music from an early age. Let your little singer beam with a karaoke microphone in hand. Aspiring drummers can lay down catchy beats on a new drum set. Sears carries a variety of quality instruments that children can use to develop raw talent and skills. Fill your home with music with a collection of new toy instruments.

Kids' instruments provide a great way to foster musical talent. If your child loves musical toys, take the next step by adding an instrument to the playroom. Kids can learn scales and chords on an electronic keyboard or wooden piano. The child-sized instruments are scaled for smaller hands, so pianists can reach the highest and lowest keys with ease. If your child loves to keep a beat, consider a toy percussion set. Kids will love hitting the floor tom or spinning the sticks while learning basic rhythms.

Kids can band together to create great tunes as a group. A keyboard with a microphone or a karaoke machine is ideal for little singers to practice their skills. Kids will have a blast while strumming an acoustic guitar and playing the harmonica for an audience of stuffed animals. Introduce your children to the joy of music with new kids' instruments from Sears.