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Enjoy balancing and jumping on pogo sticks from Sears

Whether you're having family fun in the backyard or spending the day at the park, pogo sticks and hoppers can make time spent outdoors more fun. Unlike trampolines, kids can tote lightweight, portable pogo sticks and hopping balls anywhere they go. Be sure to keep a variety of sizes on hand so that no one gets left out at your next outdoor gathering. Find jumping toys for kids of all ages at Sears.

If your kids love to play outside, add hopping ball races and obstacle courses to their collection of outdoor games. Choose from bright, colorful hoppers in the traditional round shape and ride-on designs shaped like adorable animals. Hop balls are made from durable, flexible materials that hold strong while kids bounce. When not in use, deflate the toy quickly by releasing air for convenient and easy storage.

Practice balance, coordination and strength using the latest types of pogo sticks. These classic toys make jumping high in the air an exciting challenge. When you stand on the sturdy foot rests and begin to jump, the spring loaded metal pole propels you off the ground. Toy models that are specially designed for younger children feature short, padded frames for added softness and protection. You'll even find complete sets with helmets and pads to keep your children protected while they play. No matter the size, you can find jumping sticks in appealing colors and designs your kids will love. Encourage active, engaging playtime with pogo sticks from Sears.