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Kids can transform into exciting characters with colorful dress-up toys

If your little one loves to play pretend, then a set of dress-up toys can make playtime even more fun. These kid-sized costumes are made of colorful and comfortable materials. From realistic fire chief costumes to fanciful fairy frocks, any child can find dress-up clothes that make the day a little more exciting.

Dress-up toys from Sears range from realistic to out of this world. Little ones can act out their dream jobs with doctor, fire chief and police officer outfits. Tiny chefs can don a jacket and toque blanche before stepping up to a kitchen playset, while your little surgeon can check your heartbeat with a plastic stethoscope. Kids can also explore magical fairy and superhero costumes for saving the world or presiding over a mystical kingdom. Pick up a head-to-toe outfit, or mix and match different shoes and accessories for a one-of-a-kind look.

After you've built up a collection of fun and inspiring dress-up toys and clothing, help the kids keep it organized with a dress-up cubby. The included full-length mirror allows junior to admire each ensemble, while the bins and hooks provide a place for every garment and accessory. Hang up a princess costume on a dowel rod to prevent wrinkles and store toy jewelry in the slide-out cubbies. The sturdy structure helps little ones find the pieces they need before starting a new adventure. Encourage creativity with dress-up toys from Sears.