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Make pretend play real with dress up clothes

Kids love to imagine that they're something or someone else. Whether they're pretending to take care of families of their own or making believe that they're doctors, dress up clothes bring a realistic dimension to playtime. Having a wide selection of costumes and accessories to choose from makes any game that much more fun. Sears has just what you need to encourage your child's creativity and expand his or her imaginative worlds.

Kids are naturally creative and like being able to visualize as they play. Get playtime going with clothes and accessories from Disney featuring characters that your children already know and love. When your kids are ready to expand their worlds, try colorful costumes from Making Believe or Disguise. These inventive clothes let kids pretend to be whatever they want. Watch your little superheroes zip around the house in capes or admire the princess in your family as she twirls in a cute dress with a matching tiara. Similar outfits might be available for fashion dolls so your kids can dress up just like their favorite playtime friends.

Pretend play starts early, which is why you'll find baby and toddler costumes from a variety of brands including the Rubie's Costume Company. Though the games younger children play may not seem to make sense, it's important to give them toys for ages 3-5 that foster their budding creativity. Playing without structure encourages decision making and problem solving skills even in toddlers. Cementing these skills early on gives your kids a head start when they're ready for school. Plus when you let your kids play on their own, they learn important lessons about independence without ever realizing that their games are educational.

Don't be afraid to join your kids in their inventive games. You'll be surprised how quickly your own memories of playing dress up come back. Whether you had costumes of your own or went up in the attic to raid your parents' old clothes, your games were likely not too different from those your children play now. Playing along with your kids helps you better understand what's going on in their heads and improves family bonds. If you need a little help getting started, we have a variety of family toys in stock to get you back in the spirit. As you pretend together, you may find that your kids are a lot more complex than you thought.

Enhancing imaginative play with dress up clothes makes the worlds that kids create seem more real. It's important to nurture creativity early in life, and pretend play does just that. Shop Sears for clothes and accessories that give your kids hours of fun in any world they dream up.