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Train your brain with word puzzles and games

Puzzles offer people of all ages the opportunity to build important skills. Word puzzles in particular require careful focus and attention to solve. Playing with words incorporates pattern recognition, critical thinking and reading skills into one challenging activity. Whether you're looking to teach your kids their letters or want to expand your own vocabulary, Sears has a variety of entertaining puzzles in stock for you to browse.

When choosing word puzzles for you and your family, be sure to consider the ages and skill levels of all participants. Simple puzzles with chunky blocks and wooden pieces provide a basic framework for kids to learn to recognize the alphabet. Older kids can start building vocabulary by working on the daily word puzzles offered by Scholastic. Much like chess, word puzzles engage the brain and make kids think through every step. This is especially important for young children whose brains are still developing. Provide your kids with word-oriented activities at an early age to improve their language skills and prepare them for speaking and reading they'll do in school.

Some word games use dice to give you a starting letter or a series of letters to begin your game. We have a variety of popular options to use on family game nights or during play dates. Players race against a timer to connect letters and make words that are scored based on length. Other games such as Scrabble use tiles instead, encouraging players to build words from the letters they have available in front of them.

Wordplay is great mental exercise for adults as well as kids. Having a good command of the English language allows you to excel in all areas of communication. A good vocabulary is impressive especially when used during presentations at work, emails or in general conversation. Doing a book of crosswords or playing a game requires you to pay attention to how letters and words relate to each other. When you need a break from words, 3D puzzles offer a similar challenge. Instead of putting together pieces on a flat surface, you work to construct a three-dimensional finished piece. Getting your kids involved will help them improve spatial recognition as well as coordination.

From kid-friendly alphabet puzzles to games that challenge you to make as many words as possible from a single set of letters, word puzzles are fun for the whole family. These puzzles can take your family game night to a whole new level. Take a look at what Sears has in stock the next time you're up for a little wordplay.