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Test your creative and critical thinking skills with family-friendly puzzles

Puzzles offer interactive entertainment for all ages so you can always put your mind to the test. Both kids and adults will love assembling the intricate artwork piece by piece. Construct a 1000-piece scene from a classic movie, or build a stunning replica of the wonders of the world with a 3D kit. Sears has everything from classic wooden models to intricate logic games to inspire creative thinking.

Wooden and pegged models are great choices for little ones. After graduating from blocks and building sets, junior will have a blast while finding the right spot for each puzzle piece. While some models feature themes like animals and trucks, others integrate educational topics. Kids can learn about words and numbers while piecing together each component. As children advance, they can learn to think outside the box with logic games and brain teasers.

These colorful games aren't just for children. The whole family can join the fun with a sprawling jigsaw puzzle that covers the whole game room table. When everyone works together, it's easy to uncover the dazzling artwork in full color. If you want to try something new, consider a 3D model. Parents can use these games as learning toys as the family recreates world landmarks or famous cityscapes. Create something spectacular with logic games and puzzles from Sears.