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Teach kids with fun games and puzzles

New ideas for a family fun night are not always easy to devise. That is why Sears carries a line of puzzles and games that everyone in the family and every age group will enjoy. Kids love to piece a puzzle together, and it is twice as fun when you get involved, and help solve it. A jigsaw, a brain teaser or a game of wits are just a few of the activities that will teach the kids valuable educational skills that they can translate to the classroom. We have puzzles for every age group from toddler to an adult that will help teach and hone cognitive skills.

Putting puzzle pieces together as a family or playing card games promotes strong family bonds. Puzzle games like Jenga or Rubik's Twist Game Teasers take family puzzles to the next level. The competitive nature of the games allows for a healthy dose of family competition. Brainteaser puzzles keep the fun going as your family works together to find the secret formula that unlocks the mystery.

Family fun night stays interesting by switching the activities every now and then. If your family has four or more members, play in groups to make it more compelling. As one group plays board games, the other team may work on piecing a puzzle together. Time each game so that teams switch between each, one team picking up where the other team left off in order to finish the game or puzzle.

Small children usually can't concentrate for long periods of time on family fun night, especially if you're playing with puzzles that are beyond their cognitive range. Keep boys and girls toys on hand and offer them as a break to your kids. You and the older children can play harder jigsaw puzzles and games during this time to add a high challenge level to the evening. Switching between puzzles for tots and big kid puzzles will help the family interact with one another. If all your children are older and you're up for a superior challenge, try a 1,000 or 5,000 piece puzzle, but be prepared for a project that could take weeks to complete.

Family fun night and play time are the most special times in your child's life. Sears has a huge selection so that you spend less time shopping and more time enjoying each other. Slip into family game mode and enjoy every minute while the kids are still little.