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Gather important intel in the house or in the backyard with spy toys

Secretly watch and listen any time of day or night using spy toys. During the day, look far off into the distance using colorful children's magnifying binoculars. To see what's going on after dark, peer through a reliable pair of night vision binoculars or goggles. Night vision toys use image enhancement technology to reveal shapes in low light. Lie low while collecting and recording data using spy toys from Sears.

As kids make new discoveries, they'll be able to save intel using spy toys. Use a USB drive disguised as a children's pen or keychain to share secret pictures with friends. To protect sensitive notes from prying eyes, write them down using an electronic password diary or an invisible ink pen. Onlookers will only be able to reveal invisible ink messages using the special built-in light on top of the pen.

Help new recruits get started in the field with a children's recon set and a toy watch for completing missions on time. Sets include a selection of kids' spy gadgets for getting an edge over the imaginary bad guys. Instead of attracting attention by switching on a bright light in a dark room, stealthily search for mission-critical documents with a micro light. Set up micro audio monitoring devices and motion alarms to stay informed whenever someone unexpectedly enters the area. Watch from the shadows with spy toys from Sears.