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Encourage children with high tech digital learning toys

Hook up your TV or DVD player with our high tech digital learning toys, and you create a new teaching environment to entertain your children for hours. Use our educational DVDs or learning systems to let them practice their motor skills or learn about languages, shapes, colors and music. Pre-school children will gain knowledge to help them later when they are old enough to attend school. Watch as they enjoy an interactive format that makes learning new things simple. Many of these high tech toys are colorful and look like playthings, even though they are functional. Lexibook has many tech toys for kids who like to dance or read. They even have a first laptop for young kids that will help them learn about laptop keyboarding and navigation.

Move up to ereaders after they have a few more skills and can read. We have ereaders made by Samsung, Barnes and Noble and other notable manufacturers. You get total portability with our ereaders, so you can take your library everywhere you go. A Wi-Fi connection puts you online in minutes. Sears has many electronic toys to choose from, and we stock accessories like extra speakers and carrying cases that fold over to make your ereader feel like a hardcover book. Get different types of digital learning and high tech toys to keep their interest high. Robot toys or an electronic pet are fun to play with, and some also are interactive. Kids can hear their toys react to the sound of their voice or enjoy watching their electronic pets sing and dance or play games.

Give a kid a kit for making their own robot toys and watch as fun develops. The simpler kits have just a few pieces and are easy for youngsters to assemble without help. Other kits are more advanced; you might want to stay near in case they need a little adult assistance with assembly. Completed robot toys are battery operated and may include remote control systems. We stock many different types, all affordably priced. When the kids are old enough for more advanced digital learning, get them toy laptops, organizers or diaries. This gives them kid-friendly devices and keeps them away from your equipment.

Fisher Price, V-Tech and others have wonderful education products kids can use to practice new math and verbal skills. They can read ebooks and use apps and other software for learning and fun on our toy laptops. Start them off when they are young, and they will be equipped for a high tech future. We have many digital learning toys priced right at Sears, so every kid can have one. Shop at Sears when you want to find digital learning toys and games that help kids improve their technical skills. We have dozens of electronic products like ereaders and robot toys your kids would love to have; shop now and get them all delivered by Sears.