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Toy train tracks provide hours of fun and creativity

Kids of all ages will enjoy hours of entertainment when they create their own designs with toy train tracks. Interchangeable tracks allow children to control the fun. Whether it's hand-controlled trains or high-tech toys that run on their own, trains provide endless hours of play. Shop Sears for toy train tracks that will last for generations.

Interlocking track pieces come in a range of sizes, as well as individual pieces and those sold as a set. Straight or curved tracks make it easy for kids to create their own train adventure. Ascending tracks add to the excitement when trains travel over kid-made bridges. These wooden tracks are not only attractive, but they're also durable enough to pass down to future little brothers and sisters. However, don't be surprised if older siblings never outgrow the fun that train sets offer. Your child may even turn into a lifelong train set collector. Sears carries track sets in a variety of finishes and materials, perfect for any train and any level of interest.

Create a straight track or use curves to make a twisting track that offers more of a challenge for both your child and their train. Track packs contain everything a child needs to design a one-of-a-kind train track, including switch pieces that change a train's direction. If your child is bored with their current set up, pick up expansion packs that make existing tracks even longer. This way, your kid can keep changing their train set as they grow. A great way to change up your train set is with toy train accessories like tunnels and support blocks.

Whether it's for you or your child, train accessories are a great gift to give. The most common model train scale is HO (1:87), so if you're unsure what size parts to get or just want to surprise someone, this is an easy way to select perfect accessories without revealing your surprise. Sears has a huge selection of train set parts in this ratio and other specialty sizes. Parents who want their kids to experience hands-on play will love the selection of train sets that Sears carries, as well as other playtime products like musical instrument toys that help children learn while they play.

Keep kids' imaginations flourishing with toys that let them take control. Imagine their feeling of accomplishment when they build a train track all by themselves. Interlocking pieces help with motor skills while advanced track sets that are more pleasing to the eye. Let Sears continue to be a part of childhood with the many creative toys it offers for everyone.