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Set your destination for fun with an electric train set

Electric train sets can be fun for the whole family to build and play with. Start with a kit that includes motorized train cars and interlocking track pieces. Mom or dad can help put the parts together before sending the locomotive cruising along on the rails. Expand the original concept with separate cars and track pieces inspired by history or characters from popular kids' television shows and movies. Like puzzles, electric train sets reward patience and coordination with a beautiful finished product.

Once the primary pieces are in place, expand your train set with unique pieces of scenery and accessories. Tracks, bridges and tunnels can help train sets go anywhere your imagination takes you, while buildings, structures and scenery like trees and bushes can help make the imaginary world look and feel more realistic. Playing family board games and working on projects like building an electric train set can make spending time together fun and rewarding.

For well over a hundred years, trains have captivated the imagination of generations of children. Bring that feeling of excitement home and introduce kids to critical thinking and building skills that will last a lifetime with a new electric train set from Sears.