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Build and navigate a new world with toy trains

Toy trains are a timeless classic that delight children of all ages. Set up a pre-made play table full of twisty turns and tiny tunnels or create your own custom railroad. Your little ones will be amazed as the colorful locomotive picks up speed and chugs along the tracks. Sears has everything you need to create a fully-functioning train set. Assemble bridges and buildings while spending time with your kids.

A quality toy train is the centerpiece of a railroad play set. Kids can enjoy whimsical trains with smiling faces or detailed models with incredible designs. A classic wooden or plastic set is great for younger children, while older kids will appreciate self-propelled models. Simply add batteries and the train will spring to life. Many models even light up or play music for extra fun.

Create a miniature world with railroad toys. Place the train on the tracks to start its journey. It will race through narrow tunnels and suspension bridges with ease. Add a ramp or a loop for impressive, acrobatic feats. When playtime is over, store the pieces neatly in a storage crate until the next time you're ready for adventure. Stir up the imagination with a new toy train set from Sears.