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Take your train set to the next level with toy train accessories

Complete your home train set by adding replica toy train accessories. Turn a plain train table into a miniature wonderland with trees, signage, buildings, figurines and other realistic-looking accessories. Sears has a huge selection of train accessories to take your setup to the next level. Find new toy figures, structures, extra track or train cars and start to create your dream layout.

Create a toy community for your train to serve and fill it with miniature figures of people at the train station platform. Add some farm animals that your train will transport from town to town. Don't be afraid to use your action figures to play on your trains. Recreate your favorite movie track-side scenes or make up your own miniature modern dinosaur fantasy land by running your train past realistic replicas of dinosaurs. There are many accessories at Sears to improve your train table. With a little creativity and imagination, you can use your model trains in a variety of cool ways during playtime.

Children and adults enjoy playing with train sets and setting up a tabletop miniature layout for your train set is great family fun. Sears has train set accessory items you can place around your play table to create towns, farmland, mountains and other scenic areas. Signs, buildings and figures are good to start, but you should add some toy train scenery to complete the picture. Set out leafy green trees or colored autumn ones along the tracks or roadways on your train table. Find bridges, lights and hundreds of miniature cars and trucks to help create your masterpiece.

When you decide to create a toy train town or other scene, you can use the floor, a card table or another flat surface. If you want something to build on over time and get creative, use a dedicated train table for your layout. You can permanently attach your tracks, buildings, scenery and other items to play tables and always be ready jump in and tweak your train sets. We stock many types of train sets, including large interlocking wood sets, which are fun for small children to play on the floor, or small miniature train pieces great for adults willing to put in the time. Expand your adult train set with a wide variety of train cars and accessories made by the best brands.

Train sets are fun to build and rebuild. Whether you share your hobby with your family or enjoy it on a personal level, Sears can help you get started or expand your toy train set.