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Save the day with remote control rescue vehicles

Kids like to dream about saving people who depend on them. While some may dream about hitting a home run to save the game for their team, others fantasize about saving lives with remote control rescue vehicles such as fire trucks. Kids naturally aspire to be someone special, and a person who can save others is both special and a hero. Both boys and girls look up to military men and women as heroes. To emulate their heroes, they play with military remote control toys, including jeeps, tanks and flying cranes. Trust Sears to have an unbeatable selection of remote control tanks representing the United States Military, such as Sherman tanks, green mini tanks and amphibious tanks. However, we also carry remote control tanks from other countries, including powerful German Panzers and the famous German Tigers.

Just like real tanks, the military remote control toys are camouflaged in different ways. Many models fire artillery pellets, belch smoke and roar with a variety of sound effects. With military remote control toys from Sears, kids can stage incredibly realistic battle scenes. One person can operate a ground-based remote control rescue vehicle such as a tank while another can grab the transmitter for a remote control aircraft. The tank can fire at the remote control airplane, flying crane or helicopter as it careens through the tufts of smoke from the tank. If the battle rages near water, an amphibious tank may have to come to the rescue.

Although most kids have great times with remote control rescue vehicles, others really get into toy motorcycles and ATVs. By adding some action figures to the mix, the kids can pretend there was a motorcycle accident, and send a remote control police truck, helicopter or police car to the scene to help those in need. Of course, if the accident involves multiple vehicles and the pileup grows large, the kids may need to send in flying cranes and other military remote control toys. Military armor radio control trucks with light up wheels may be just what the medic ordered to get the injured action figures to the hospital.

Although military remote control toys don't actually hurt anyone, some parents prefer that their children skip the military toys. Never fear: Sears has an array of remote control construction vehicles and farm vehicles from which to choose. Remote control bulldozers, excavators and dump trucks can clear land for toy log homes, barns and farm animal sets. Once the farm is ready, front loaders, backhoes and radio-controlled tractors can prepare the land for the crops. Remember, though, that the farmer may still need an RC jeep to reach the back 40 in a hurry.

Whether your kids are interested in battling military vehicles, savings lives with rescue equipment, building towns or clearing land for a farm, trust Sears to carry the greatest selection of remote control toys. We offer all of the top brands. Of course, we have an enormous range of playsets to make remote control toys even more exciting for everyone.