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Unleash the Potential of Your Devices with Specialty Cables from Sears

Optimize your network performance with specialty cables from Sears that are designed to provide reliable connectivity for a range of electronic devices. Coaxial cables are a popular choice for transmitting video and audio signals, and are ideal for use with televisions, cable modems and other devices that require high bandwidth connections. Fiber optic cables, on the other hand, are capable of transmitting data at incredibly high speeds over long distances, making them a popular choice for use in telecommunications and networking applications. HDMI cables are designed specifically for use with HD televisions and other devices that require high-quality audio and video signals. Sears offers a wide range of specialty cables to meet the needs of any home or business.

Cable Type:

Selecting the right cable type is important for ensuring optimal performance and compatibility between your devices.

Specialty cables at Sears are available in various types, each with specific features and specifications. These types include HDMI, USB, Ethernet, DisplayPort and audio cables, among others. It is important to consider the type of cable needed based on the device to be connected and the purpose of the connection. Length and quality of the cable are also important factors to consider. Longer cables may suffer from signal loss, while higher quality cables may offer better performance and durability. By selecting the right type, length and quality of cable, you can ensure that your devices are connected efficiently and effectively.

This RCA 10-Ft VGA Cable available at Sears connects a laptop or desktop computer to a monitor or a VGA-supported TV.

Cable Connectors:

Specialty cables often come with specific cable connectors that are designed to work with particular devices or equipment. These connectors may be different from the standard connectors found on most cables.

For example, some specialty cables, such as those used for high-speed data transfer or video streaming, may require connectors that are designed to handle the higher bandwidth and signal requirements of these applications. Other specialty cables, such as those used for medical equipment or industrial automation, may require connectors that are ruggedized and able to withstand harsh environments or repeated use.

Have a look at C2G 28071 1Ft Usb 2.0 B Female To B Male Panel Mount Cable from Sears, this cable has USB B female to USB B male connectors.


Shielding is a technique used to protect specialty cables from electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by other electronic devices. Shielding is especially important for certain cable types, such as Ethernet cables, which carry signals over long distances and may be susceptible to EMI from nearby devices. Shielding can help to prevent data loss or corruption, and ensure a stable and reliable connection.

Check out Tripp Lite Connectivity N262-006-BL 6 Ft. Male To Male POE Cat6a 10G-Certified Snagless Shielded STP Ethernet Cable, Blue that has STP shield.