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Connect Your Electronic Devices with USB Cables from Sears

USB cables help you get the most out of your favorite technology. These cords plug into any USB port to quickly transfer power and data to electronic devices. Sears carries auxiliary cords and mini plugs that connect to common ports. These versatile options allow you to create a personal supercomputer or download the newest media to portable devices. If you run out of room to plug in a digital camera, laptop or other devices, add a few extra ports with a USB hub.

When you set up a new desktop computer, keep a few spare cables handy. A keyboard and computer mouse will come to life when you plug them into USB ports. A slim USB cable takes up minimal space while providing lightning-fast data transfer capabilities. Compared to wireless models, you'll appreciate the speed and reliability that a USB cord provides.

Connect a USB hub to your laptop to open up new possibilities. You'll avoid endlessly swapping cables to power a multitude of electronic devices. Simply attach the hub to create so you have space to link your cell phone, camera and other portable electronics. Sync an MP3 player or download new phone wallpaper quickly, thanks to the high-speed transfer capabilities. Enjoy your favorite technology with a new USB cable from Sears.