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Camera Cables & Connectors

Camera Cables That Let Your Videos Be Seen

It's impossible to enjoy your favorite electronic toys without the correct cables. Not having the right plug can ruin your experience. Sears ensures that you can record, transfer, edit and share seamlessly. Put those gadgets to good use by picking the right connectors for each job.

Different kinds of cameras and cables have different capabilities. The USB-compatible phone cords that came with your smartphone might be good enough to transfer your videos to your computer, but they don't connect to most TVs. Use our HDMI cables or specialty camera cables and connectors to ensure that your cinematic genius never gets held up by incompatibility issues. Some models come in different lengths that make it easier to connect everything without completely rearranging your home movie studio. Gold-plated connectors ensure that the each video frame is transmitted without static for perfect image quality on larger-format screens. You can even use sound-inclusive HDMI cables to get everything taken care of on one line or process your audio and video separately with our monitor-only connectors and audio-exclusive jacks.

When you buy a digital camera, you may discover that it doesn't come with everything you need to snap, share and send photos. To be sure that you're not missing anything, pick up one of our camera kits. Then, supplement the standard cables found in these packages with the extras you need to connect to your custom home setup. You can even connect your camera to any other networked visual device, like a web-enabled flat screen HDTV or movie projector. In addition to being able to preview your own videos in movie-quality widescreen format, you can upload them online or transfer them to your networked computer elsewhere without extra wiring. Our high-speed, multi-channel HDMI cables make it much easier to create cool videos without shuffling plugs around or waiting for slow connections.

Grab a few extra cables for your security cameras while you're at it. Some cables are ideal for connecting the tiny jacks found on smaller digital camera units to the larger ones on your TV or security system computer. They support 1080p resolution, so you can see every little detail of what's going on around your property. These cables are constructed with rugged exteriors and high-purity internal wires that resist corrosion, so they can easily handle a bit of wear.

Wiring up your home for video connectivity isn't as difficult as it used to be. Take advantage of new technology, and enjoy seeing your world as it should be: in stunning high-definition resolution. Shop Sears' selection of camera cables that will let you expand your capabilities.