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Camera Memory & Storage

Capture Video on Blank Camera Memory Discs

Never miss another memory when you can capture video on high-quality storage media from Sears. When you're choosing between a DSLR or point and shoot camera, you'll want to add on a memory card with enough storage to hold all your photos and videos. Sears has storage media to fit all players and cameras. High-quality memory cards can be used for recording special events or everyday scenes, such as your kids playing.

One of the best ways to get started with video recording is to get a full camera kit from Sears. These kits include everything to get shooting. Many include the camera, memory card, one or more lenses, and carrying case. Some camera kits include the tripod for overall stability and smooth pans. Filters and other attachments also come in many of our camera kits. You can also find lighting, background, accessory and tripod kits at Sears.

Start with a digital camera for excellent results. We carry many digital cameras from brands like Sony, Pentax, Nikon and Canon. You can get a digital camera and start shooting right away to receive great results. Most digital cameras are extremely capable at capturing motion with high resolution. Use a tripod for the best quality and get photos that you can blow up to poster sizes. Photography is an excellent hobby for all ages; and with a little experience and the right attachments, anyone can take advantage of this technology to produce special effects and more. Record your photos onto blank discs for viewing on your computer or home television sets.

Stock up on our storage media to use with your home or business security cameras. Build a library of surveillance recordings on disc, using digital security cameras and recorders. Sears carries many professional security systems with multiple cameras. You'll find motion sensor cameras and dome cameras that you can mount anywhere to record day or night.