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Specialty Camera Accessories Maximize Your Camera's Potential

Are you getting the most out of your camera or camcorder? Whether you have a specific project in mind or are looking to add new dimension to your media, Sears has the ideal assortment of specialty camera accessories for you. Serious photographers and amateur enthusiasts alike will discover ways to make shooting more convenient and their end product more polished. Bring in dynamic lighting, add backdrops or give your equipment added layers of protection. Put together a custom setup or grab portable options for a studio on the go. You'll be able to pull tricks out of your camera bag like the pros.

A simple camera or camcorder is basic equipment. Just like your specialty computer accessories add to your computer's capabilities, the accessories you buy for your camera can add new skills to your repertoire and open new worlds of opportunities. Professional lighting and backdrops can be the difference between mediocre media and dynamic shoots. Give your video blog crisp lighting, or make business videos more professional with a backdrop. Use a light tent to take catalog-quality photos of goods to sell online. Camera-mounted options let you diffuse or enhance flash or attach a light to your camcorder for night recording.

Other sensible accessories will make working with your camera easier and more practical. If you use your camera primarily indoors, DC adapters can save you money on batteries by letting your plug your camera straight into an outlet. When you're on the go, keep a few charged batteries in your camera bag next to your spare camcorder film so that you never miss the perfect filming opportunity. Tripods and camera mounts let you focus on framing your shots without worrying about shaky hands. If you're looking to improve your audio, you'll also find camcorder microphones and boom sticks in our selection.

Your camera and accessories will last for years to come if you protect your investments. Camera cases make it easy to keep track of your equipment and protect delicate parts during transport. Our range of camera cases covers all sizes and styles. Pick a hard-shell case for maximum protection, a rolling case for easy hauling or a backpack-style case for carrying your equipment into rough terrain. You can also utilize screen protectors and cleaning kits to keep your equipment looking great for years.

Capture more drama, more beauty and more fun with your camera. By adding versatility to your existing automatic and manual camera settings, accessories let you take the masterful photos and video you've always wanted to. Everything you need to expand your photography skills is available at Sears.