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Snap Pictures with the Best Brands of Cameras and Photography Equipment from Sears

These days, your phone has probably turned into your camera. It?s on you all the time and easy to use, but you're not thrilled with the quality of the pictures that it produces. If you're unhappy with the pictures on your camera phone, then maybe it's time to invest in a new camera and photography equipment. From point-and-shoot cameras to affordable camera bundles, you can finally upgrade from your camera phone with Sears' selection of top photography brands.

When you want to take a step up from the camera on your phone, a good place to start is with a point-and-shoot digital camera. For both casual and advanced photographers, a point-and-shoot is a lightweight, pocket-sized camera with pre-programmed settings and manual-adjustment features that make it easier to capture memorable moments. Most of the point-and-shoot cameras available at Sears have basic settings like image stabilization, red-eye reduction and self-timing for group shots. Each camera offers its own unique blend of optical zoom capability, megapixel resolution and battery life to provide the image quality that you're looking for. These photography cameras are a great option for parties, vacations and special nights, and a fantastic way to make sure the photographs rotating through your digital picture frames aren?t blurry.

Once you've outgrown your point-and-shoot camera, or if you've outgrown it already, it's time to move onto Sears' selection of digital SLR cameras. For the more advanced photographer, a digital SLR gives you the capability of taking professional-quality photos. These cameras are bigger and heavier than a point-and-shoot, but they have more hardware: larger image sensors, superior optics, more megapixels and more manual controls. Perhaps the biggest advantage a photographer receives with a digital SLR camera is the ability to switch lenses, giving you more control over your photographs. With the ability to capture quality videos like camcorders, most digital SLRs will have you recording memories like a professional.

If you're a one-stop shopper, then you'll love the camera bundles available at Sears. Both digital SLR camera bundles and digital point-and-shoot camera bundles are available. These bundles can include items like camera lenses, camera carrying cases, memory cards or tripods, all for prices that include the digital cameras, too. You can save big and find all the items you need in one simple purchase.

Whether you're a beginner or a novice photographer, finding the right camera is essential to being happy with your pictures. And with the selection of photography equipment available at Sears, you no longer have to feel held hostage by blurry camera-phone images.