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Film & Film Cameras

Fulfill your photography hobby with film products at Sears

In a world filled with digital pictures and camera apps for your phone, film photography can be a fun hobby. From black and white camera film to 35mm SLR cameras, you can find exactly what you want for your photography needs.

You'll love the classic touch of printing photographs directly from film. In today's digital age, it's not uncommon for everyone to be snapping photos and videos with digital cameras and camcorders, sometimes even on their phones. With traditional film cameras, you'll find yourself appreciating the quality of film photography over digital photography. If you're a film-photography lover, you don't mind waiting for your pictures to develop. You'd rather have albums and picture frames full of memories than have your photos stored digitally on a hard drive.

For the more advanced photographer, Sears has 35mm film point-and-shoot cameras and 35mm SLR (single lens reflex) cameras available. Choose between color, black and white, and negative film of various sizes and speeds to capture images. You may even enjoy developing your own photos in a home lab. While various camcorders can record memorable moments, they often end up on a tape in a drawer collecting dust. With physical photographs that you developed yourself, you'll find that displaying them in frames and albums throughout your home is worth waiting for.

Experienced photographers will tell you the film you use can be as important as the photography equipment you use to take the picture. With a selection of standard-speed and high-speed film, as well as color and black and white film, you can find the camera film you need to be happy with all of your exposures. Whether you're photographing inside or outside, at a bright afternoon picnic or in a dark banquet hall at a wedding reception, you can find the film that delivers memorable photos worth sharing. From 36-exposure rolls for a 35mm SLR to 10-exposure cassettes for an instant point-and-shoot camera, Sears has you covered.

There's something classic about using a film camera. With film photography, you can take professional looking pictures, develop them and share prints with friends and family. You can instantly be the life of a birthday party, or create a beautiful black and white memory of a wedding ceremony. With Sears, you can create wonderful memories on film.