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Create Amazing Videos with Video Recorders from Sears

Capturing great moments on camera is something we all love to do. This helps us remember the special occasions and the quality time we spent with our loved ones. In order to get stunning pictures and videos, modern gadgets are essential. Video editing tools are meant to manipulate and arrange video shots. This technique is extensively used in TV shows, films, and advertisements. Right from LED monitors to video recorders, Sears has a great collection of electronic gadgets and accessories.

Gadgets Produce Great Videos

Making a great video requires soft and professional LED lighting which is devoid of glare. This is vital for video conferences, online meetings, YouTube, photography, and online learning. The photography kit involves a high-definition LCD screen which allows you to check brightness, color temperature, and battery power. The rechargeable battery helps provide continuous lighting for a period of time. Such videography kits feature a light stand, tripod, LCD display and more.

Sears offers Sensyne 10" Ring Light Photography Kit featuring a high sensitivity touch panel design. It allows you to adjust three color modes and 10 brightness levels. The pocket-sized Bluetooth remote lets you take selfies or group photos from a distance of not more than 30 feet. Its gadget is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones.

The Movo Smartphone Video Kit works with Samsung Galaxy, LG, Google, and other devices using a USB-C microphone. It comes with an LED ring light to produce soft and even lighting. This device can record crisp audio by eliminating background noise. You can store this video kit in the travel bag and carry it with ease.

Advanced Screens for High Resolution

A top-quality LED screen is the most important device if you opt for video conferencing or recording. Sears has a massive collection of top-quality broadcast monitors that are infused with newest technology.

The Lilliput BM230-4K Broadcast Director Monitor will save your space and increase your productivity. It is apt for viewing movies, documents, and files. It supports a high contrast ratio of 1000:1, in addition to offering multiple interfaces like 3G-SDI, HDMI, VGA, and AV. You can also tilt the monitor up, down, left, and right, thanks to an adjustable stand.

The Neewer Dimmable 176 LED Video Light Lighting Kit comes with 176 individual LED long lasting bulbs for a wider lighting range. The most significant feature of the light kit is the presence of transparent and orange filters. These filters soften the light source and enhance skin tone in portrait photography. The durable nylon fabric material offers ventilation and protects your equipment from impacts, drops, water or dust.

Sears has a massive stock of video lighting sets for producing pictures and movies of HD quality. Our collection also includes video accessories that elevate the functionality of your photography set. Explore the audio video sets available with Sears and unleash the professional artist in you.