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Record clear videos with a camcorder from Sears

Whether you're an aspiring filmmaker or interested in capturing memories, you need a camcorder that can hold up. Sears carries models with create video in amazing clarity. Carry your video camera anywhere you go with a camera case, so you can document special occasions and adventures any time. Record special moments you'll want to remember over again with a camcorder from Sears.

Adventures can become even more exciting when you share them with friends and fans. Record the action hands free while participating in extreme activities, such as skydiving, snowboarding and team sports with action camcorders. You can even record surfing or water skiing using a video camera designed for waterproof sports. These models are durable and lightweight enough, so you can attach them to yourself and various types of gear. Capture the excitement without the blur using  video cameras.

It’s easy to take videos with a crisp, detailed picture and quality audio with the right camcorder. When recording home movies during holidays or recitals, a shoot-and-share camera mounted on a tripod helps deliver steady, clear results. From your child's birthday to independent movies, shoot anything in stunning clarity using the latest HD model. Create videos your family will cherish and share for years to come with video cameras from Sears.