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Remote Starters and Keyless Entry Systems Get You On the Road

You'll never worry about locking your keys in the car again if you install a keyless entry system. Getting into a cold car is another thing of the past when you put in a remote starting system. Sears offers both of these great upgrades with reasonable prices and fast delivery.

When you install a keyless entry system for your car, you'll never have to worry about locking your keys inside. These systems let you use a number pad to input your unique ID number and open the doors. Clicker fobs allow for remote unlocking. If you lose your fob, just use the number pad to get into the vehicle.

If you have an older car with factory-installed keyless entry and your clicker fobs have stopped working, replace them economically with AmazingKeys clicker fobs. These fobs are exact OEM replacements for your originals, but at a fraction of the cost charged by the dealer. Simply program them to work with your locks according to the instructions in your car's owner's manual. AmazingKeys fobs work with cars as old as the 1993 model year. Clicker fobs are available for Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Toyota and other car brands.

If you live in a cold area, you almost surely know the misery of sitting in a cold car. End that experience with a remote car starter. These remotes allow you to start your car from inside a warm house or other building. By starting it up a few minutes before you need to use it, you'll give its heater time to make it cozy for you. This heat also allows time for any ice to break free from the car's windows you won't have to do any hard scraping even on the coldest winter days. Some remote car starters also come with keyless entry systems or alarms for a great combo pack.

Sears has everything you need to make your driving experience more enjoyable. Order today to have your items delivered quickly and without hassle.