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Car Electronics

Car electronics enhance your car with automotive technology

Car electronics add extra functionality to vehicles for a safer and more enjoyable ride. Whether you want to install a car alarm or a keyless entry system, Sears has the tools to enhance your driving experience. Pull out an auto body tool set and install the latest technology and other key features to your car that you've always wanted.

Some types of auto electronics can enhance vehicle security. A car alarm and security accessories help keep vehicles safe in public places. Alarms produce audible alerts in case of attempted theft or vandalism, while high-definition dash cameras record the vehicle's surroundings. Radar detectors alert drivers of upcoming emergency vehicles. These small devices scan the road for radar guns and signal you to slow down.

Similar to installing stylish new wheels to your vehicle, adding auto electronics can make an old car feel and perform like new again. A GPS system will display an easy to read map and tell you exactly where to turn, so you can drive in unknown areas with confidence. Make your morning commute easier by adding keyless entry and a remote car starter. A starter can come in handy in the winter by warming up the car on chilly mornings without leaving the house. Revitalize your ride with car electronics from Sears.