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Computer Accessories

Create a personalized workspace with computer accessories

Computer accessories can enhance the functionality of any laptop or desktop setup. Whether installing a microphone and speakers for conference calls or simply adding a few decorative elements, the right accessories help any computer fit your lifestyle. Sears has the cleaning supplies, audio equipment, stands, cases and more to help you create an efficient and personalized computing center.

Computer supplies can transform your entire desktop. Add a microphone, webcam and remote presenter to participate in high-tech webinars over the computer. These easy-to-use tools work with any compatible desktop computer to deliver impeccable audio and visual clarity. Gamers can upgrade to a specialized gaming desktop and mouse to tackle any virtual mission. Add an ergonomic mouse pad and wrist pad for optimal comfort for especially long games. Don't forget the compressed gas duster and screen spray for when it's time to clean.

Laptop users can enhance their computing experience with a few computer supplies of their own. Slip a laptop into a sturdy computer bag for safe transportation. Tuck an extra laptop battery or charger into the multiple pockets so you'll never run out of power. Docking stations and computer stands add convenience in the home, while computer skins show off your sense of style when sitting in the coffee shop. Create a computer that suits your unique needs with a wide variety of computer accessories from Sears.